Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Early Literacy Ages 3&4

Singing the Alphabet song without missing any letters was probably one of the first major accomplishments that I can remember when I was a child. I would venture to guess that you remember that proud moment as well. Learning the Alphabet song is a proud American tradition that continues to be past on to each generation, and has been thought to be the beginning of early literacy for many. Actually, there are some other things that happen before the Alphabet song that shows you that you have a brilliant budding young reader. You may notice that your preschooler is asking to be read too, holding the book in an upright position and turning the pages one at a time. Your preschooler may also be requesting particular books and following along as you read from left to right. Look for an interest in books and environmental print, such as the words and letters in their everyday life. One of the first letters that you may notice your Preschooler having a particular interest in is the first letter in his/her name. Play games that allow your preschooler to locate that letter and then to practice making the sound! Have you taught your preschooler any new words, letters or sounds?

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