Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Student and The Teacher

Here is Charlie Brown...
He's holding his Master Reader which prepares him for college level literacy courses.
He uses this book to both learn and teach.

This is his senior year and he has gotten a little bored with the traditional "classroom" style of learning.
I was sick of grading his papers and following up with written comments due to his work and social schedules.

So we decided to come up with a creative way to make both of us happy.
He does the work, learns the material, and then "teaches" it to Sunshyne and I afterwards. I grade him on how well WE grasped the information.

The Following is a demonstration of how he teaches:

He begins with a little lecture...with his trusty composition book in hand, he gives us a stern, professor's stare.

Next, he provides us with the topic and supporting materials for the lesson.  This particular day, he was teaching us how to recognize the topic sentence within a paragraph.  He used a passage from the book entitled "Making Our Money Secure."

He discussed with us the supporting sentences of the topic which included the three new security features of the $20 bill.  They consist of the security thread, the watermark, and the color changing ink of the small "20" in the lower right corner of the bill (which changes from copper to green when tilted).
See...I learned a lot!

He took us outside to show us all of the security features of the that's what I call hands-on instruction.

He finished up his lesson by giving us the opportunity to find the security features ourselves...well maybe a little help from our instructor.

He just makes me so proud!
(He got an A...just in case you were wondering)

They grow up so fast...(whimper) 


Christine said...

Oh my gosh! I was getting ready to compliment you on your creative solution, but then the picture at the end of the post grabbed my heart! They grow up so fast. I know it's cliche, but it so true.

Q said...

LOVE THIS! Congratulations on thinking outside of the box and encouraging your son towards independence and maturity. GOOD JOB!

Mama Know Best said...

Thank you Q and Christine...I think finding creative solutions to educational dilemas is a perk of homeschooling that I wouldn't trade for anything!