Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Late Night Indulgence

I've been talking all this mess about how I'm going to loss 20lbs. by May...yeah right!  I had the best frozen pie dessert, by Marie Callender's,  I could have ever imagined.  I've fallen in love, and it's not with another man.   Here's how it happened.

My husband and I have a late night tradition. After the kiddos are tucked quietly in their beds and enjoying a peaceful slumber, we bake ourselves a batch of Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies with walnuts....ummm, uummm, good!  Then we pour ourselves a giant cup of milk with ice and sit down with a good movie.  It's sneaky, and I LOVE it!  We've done this at least once a month for years.  Well, I stopped by our local HEB tonight to grab a package of our usual indulgence and there was a sign posted where the cookies should have been, "To Our Valued Customers:  Many of our products are not in stores this week...blah blah blah...sorry for your inconvenience."  My reaction..."WHAT!!!!! I just drove all the fricken way over here, on the coldest night this year, FREEZING my hieny off in FLIP FLOPS and NO COOKIES!!!"  As you can probably imagine, I was quite livid!  However, I gathered myself together and walked over to the freezer section to find a suitable alternative.  Low and behold...Marie Callendar's Dutch Apple Pie... I grabbed one and headed for the checkout lines.  Once home, I began reading the directions for preparation and noticed that this wasn't your usual frozen pie.  It reads something like this:  Bake pie for 50 minutes pull pie out and sprinkle topping onto pie and bake for another 10-15 minutes, pie will be perfectly golden brown.  I'm like...I gotta see this!  Most frozen dutch apple pies aren't perfectly golden brown when they are done.  Anyhoo, I must say this package is not lying.  The pie was so beautiful when it was done that I didn't want to cut it.  Here's the thing though, I made a few alterations.  I added some chopped walnuts to the crumb topping, baked it for the 15 minutes and then added a caramel topping to that.  Can you say OMG....That thang was GOOD!  I just want to say "Thank You Marie Callender for being there when we really needed you and that I admire you in all your true awesomness!" 

Tollhouse who???  Our new late night indulgence is in the freezer section and maybe I'll just shoot for losing 10lbs. before May:)

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