Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Needed Encouragement

Today, while at homeschool PE, I was talking to a woman (well, it was more like venting) that I'd never met before about my materialistic wants and desires.  It began as an innocent enough conversation that took a nasty turn at why I decided to get out of the social work field.  Oh how I rambled on about how social workers are under-paid and over-worked, the bureaucracy of it all and the endless string of disappointed people left along the way.  I was such an IDIOT!  This poor woman, come to find out her daughter is going to school to become a social worker.  Well, I won't keep harping on how I felt but I'm sure you can imagine what I was thinking (idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot).  Long story short, the conversation got me to thinking about my many blessings and why I'm homeschooling my kiddos.  I know that as homeschoolers, many of us are living on one income and it is challenging even for the most devote christian at times to deal with emotional and financial issues.  It is for me any way, and I just need to count my blessings sometimes and reflect on all the good in my life.  So without further ado here is my list of ten things I'm thankful for this day:

1. Blessed to be loved unconditionally by my heavenly Father.
2. My BEAUTIFUL family.
3. To be able to homeschool my children.
4. To have caring friends and neighbors.
5. To have the freedom to choose.
6. To be able to pursue my goals.
7. To marvel at God's magnificent works.
8. To be loved.
9. To have the things that I need.
10. To have the wisdom to reflect and be thankful.

What are you thankful for?

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