Monday, November 16, 2009

Still Trying

I've been reading my copy of Miserly Mom and picked up on a few smart shopper ideas. I was recently wondering if trying to get all the deals from coupons would be beneficial or if it would cost me more money. I was also wondering if I would be buying a bunch of stuff that I don't need or usually use. I was happy to see that Jonni addresses these issues in her book and gives practical advice for shopping. She explains that it is best to look for the best price in general. When it comes to coupons, if the store brand is cheaper than the name brand with the coupon, then buy the store brand. Simple enough you'd think right? Well, I was getting wrapped up in trying to find the coupon deals. Jonni explains that this is a mistake. I've been taking it slow, reading one chapter at a time and trying to mark sections where I may need to revisit. The book is invaluable and I'm glad I purchased it. With Jonni's help I have a game plan for tomorrow. I've planned my meals for the next two weeks around the sales ads for my local stores. I usually do my shopping at HEB supermarket and Walmart super store. I've identified my items for HEB and ready to execute my mission. I actually checked out HEB's site and they have a nifty little shopping list creator. I also like the fact that their ad is right there on the site just in case you misplace you flyer (like I have so, so many times). Well, I'll let you know how it goes:)

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