Sunday, November 15, 2009

Walgreens Shop Day!

The new coupons came in Sunday's paper so I had to grab my copy. I was anxious to see what type of deals I could find for the week. As I was going through my fliers, I started feeling like I was going to need a little help to get me through my shop planning. So I headed on over to Money Saving Mom and linked up to several of her friends for assistance. It's such a beautiful thing to have help when you need it. Many of the sites that I visited from Crystal's page had beginners suggestions and tips. It's like taking an online class with most of these. I just began to think about how wonderful and giving these women are to share their wealth of information and to give so freely of there time to help the beginners, like myself. Well, I took the advise of one mom who suggests starting with one store. I decided to go for Walgreens, again. I think I'm going to focus on this store until I truly get the hang of it. I circled a few key items from the flier and wrote down whether I needed and in-store coupon or an circular coupon. You can find out more about what I'm talking about from my new unsuspecting mentor's site. Then I grabbed my oversized, knock-off designer bag and headed to the store. I bagged several deals that I was proud of. The Kellogg's cereal $1.99 on sale $0.99 with circular coupon, Ricola mixed berry cough drops $1.00 on sale $0.50 with Walgreens coupon with the extra bonus of a $1.00 Registar Reward. I also bought the Cheezits, Club Crackers, Austin Crackers, and Pecan Sandies, for $0.50 each. I was super excited to get the deals that I got even though I didn't get much. I just wanted to feel like I could do it...and I did. I just want to scream it to the world how wonderful couponing is. Next stop...Walmart (OOOHhh!).

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