Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Redbox Free Rental Update

Ok, I ran out and tried the code at my nearest Redbox and it worked! I'm so happy...I've been wanting to see that Julie & Julia movie for a while now but my husband wouldn't take me (he said it was TOO much of a chick flick for him). That's ok because I have it now and the best part is if I hate it, it didn't cost me a dime;) Oh's how it works. Just go to the Redbox Rental Box and hit the "Rent Movie" button. Choose your movie. Hit the "Promo Code" button at the bottom of the screen and type in ACME26 when prompted. If you're only getting your free movie then hit the "Checkout" button at the bottom of the screen. The amount of the movie will be credited on the "Checkout" screen. Then you'll need to swipe your credit card (this is in case you keep the movie for more than one day). Wha movie for a day! Thanks Freebie Blogger:) Please let me know if anyone had problems with the code.

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