Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Resolutions

For the past four years I have taken my New Year resolutions very seriously.  I decided, after feeling like the most procrastanistic person on the planet, that I had to get serious about improving my life.  After all, that's what resolutions are all about right???  So now I take my time and consider ten changes that I would like to make or accomplishments that I would like to obtain for the year.  I write them down on index cards and hang them on my computer armoire so that I can see them each day.  It's great doing that because they are always in my face so that I'm not too distracted from the day to day grind.  This year is no different, so I'm going to share them with you (as if this is the information that you've been waiting for all year).

Here we go:

1.  Be consistant (my biggest challenge)
2.  Do something fun or relaxing each day
3.  Be good to myself
4.  Be conscience of a positive thought each day (very important, I can get pretty pessimistic)
5.  Continue my journal (here's where the be consistant part kicks in)
6.  Maintain close friendships
7.  Connect with my family (I would give this a difficulty level of 10, with 1 being easy)
8.  Be a better mother (I'm always striving to do this)
9.  Create and stick to a pesonal schedule (If I don't do this, I work all day...not good for the marriage)
10.  Know thy self (self explainatory)

Well now you know what I'll be up to this year, if you catch me slippin feel free to kick me in the butt (via phone or email, of course:)

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