Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sunshyne at the Beauty Salon

Today I decided that it was time to initiate my little Sunshyne to the wonderful world of Femininity, A.K.A
Beauty Salon!
(This is the face of utter FEAR...with a cute twist)

Actually I'd never thought about taking Sunshyne to the beauty salon because frankly, I thought it would cost too much.  Besides, I thought it would be more suitable for her when she was older.  However, a friend of mine was taking her daughter, who happens to be slightly younger than Sunshyne, so I thought what the heck.
(not to mention I didn't feel like doing her hair today anyway)

We went to Milan Beauty School and scored a nice deal; shampoo, conditioned, and flat ironed for $15.00 YAY!!! 

Other than that, I would have just been doing hair today.
She was soooo excited to get pampered and have her hair done by an almost-professional.
Since I don't usually let anybody mess with her hair, I was very observant of EVERYTHING going on in the school.

I loved the fact that there were instructors continuously walking the floors and checking on the students.  They were providing them with counsel and suggestions where they saw fit. 
I found this VERY comforting because my Sunshyne is kinda babified when it comes to getting her hair done and I didn't want to be all over the hair dresser's shoulder.
I'm glad the instructors were though.

As you can probably tell from the above photos, my Sunshyne has extremely curly hair...meaning resistant to straightening, but that was the mission for the day.
She wanted it straight.  I can never get it sTraIGht.

But after some jerking

...Some grappling

...A few tears

My Sunshyne was FABULOUS!
...and she worked it! 


katlupe said...

She is beautiful! What a great idea to make going to a salon a special treat. Most kids just take it for granted. Merry Christmas!

Allison Stanton said...

What a pretty girl! Looks like she had a great time!!