Monday, October 18, 2010

The Beauty Of Homeschooling

Friday, a couple of Sunshyne's new neighborhood friends came over to visit (they attend public school).  They came in and greeted us, and then headed into the classroom.  I went into the kitchen to begin preparing dinner and when I came back to check on them, about 30 minutes later, they were all working on different "school" subjects, math, reading, and cursive writing.  It was one of those moments when the clouds open up to reveal the sun shining through and you hear the beautiful sound of a harp playing in the distance.  Yeah, I was shocked too... not really.  It's one of the beauties of homeschooling to find children in the "classroom" working on projects or honing in on skills that they enjoy.  It's all about accessibility, it's fun!  The children stayed in there for hours, when they're mother came down to pick them up they were super-excited about the things that they'd done and wanted to show her all of their work.  I could tell that she was impressed and I proudly observed her taking account of all the cool stuff in my classroom.  It feels good to know that learning can and should be fun, that kiddos would do it just because, IF it wasn't made to feel like a chore or that they didn't have to compete for attention or status.  I love seeing learning in it's raw state.  It was definitely a beautiful thing!  It'll be great to get a new camera so that I can share exciting moments like that.

Do you have any similar moments to share???


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