Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Passport To India

My students (I love saying that) and I started a new add-on to our history curriculum this semester.  It is a free adventure provided by Mission India and Sonlight Curriculum which provides families the opportunity to explore India from the comfort of their own home.  How great is that!  It's called My Passport to India and you can still sign up to view all the videos Just click here to view the trailer.  The start date was October 5, 2010 but we didn't begin viewing our videos until yesterday.  Here's the overview:

About My Passport to India

Join Mission India and Sonlight Curriculum for My Passport to India, beginning October 5, 2010!

During this 5-week program, you will:

◦See and experience the real India - without ever leaving your neighborhood!

◦Explore India's incredible, diverse culture, people and places

◦Enhance your homeschooling with unique educational resources

◦Meet the people God is using to bring the Gospel to India's 400+ million unreached

◦Discover how you can reach boys and girls in India with the love of Jesus by supporting Children's Bible Clubs!

We are still accepting registrations - sign up today!

The videos are lead by our tour guide Chris and are available every Tuesday and Thursday of each week throughout the five weeks.  There are activity suggestions and discussion topics to help engage the kiddos.  There are even suggestions from participants to help children identify with the culture and lifestyle of the Indian people. 
My kiddos were shocked by some of the images they saw and the stories they read.  I was happy to see my children react in such a compassionate manner.  Yesterday's activity was for them to create an inexpensive product for them to sell and make money.  The money will then be used to send to the Children's Bible Clubs for India's children.  How great is that???  Children actually have an opportunity to get involved personally and lend a hand. 
Personally, I'm enjoying learning about a different culture, I've always been fascinated with diverse cultures and people.  Learning about the foods they eat and their traditional dress.  Their everyday lives are intriguing so I'm content with just watching and learning to be honest. 
I hope you join us on the incredible journey...see you in India:)

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