Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Wish

I'm sitting here, super early in the morning trying to get myself together to type something.  What, I don't know.  I read through some of my favorite blogs to get inspired and had a few laughs, but now I just have this desolate look on my face (you know the kinda look you can just feel).  Anyhoo, my hubby gets out of bed breaking my already troubled sleep to go workout...his normal annoying routine.  Why would anyone interrupt such a wonderful pastime as sleeping to go WORKOUT anyway???  Charlie Brown has had his alarm ringing for the past hour without budging, I guess somebody is enjoying their unconscious state (envy, envy, envy).  Wish it was me...sigh.  Since I'm up I decided to get an early start on the daily schedule.  But first a list of things I'm wishing for:

~A super cool high tech camera (so that I can post some great pictures and not feel like such an amateur blogger...Hey it's my delusion, I own it).

~Long flowing model hair (so that when I turn my head it slaps people that are standing too close to me).

~A cool hood over my stove (just because they look so klassy...maybe I could hang something on it).

~A bed that I'd have to have one of those three step stairs to get into...a queen should definitely live like that.

~More time for my hobbies which are sleeping and eating...but if I had to pick just one right now, it would definitely be sleeping:)

~I knew more words that start with the letter X, so far I've got  x-ray, xylophone, and xeriscape (It's early...don't judge).

Well, If I come up with some cool homeschooling stuff to share later on I will, but for now, in the great words of Forrest Gump..."that's all I have to say about that."


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