Monday, December 27, 2010

Tot School: Week Six

We managed to get in a few things that I'd like to share this week, even though I realize that many of our Tot School Friends will not be posting this week. 

We didn't do much structured stuff, I just did a lot of parallel talking while RJ went about doing what ever his mind could conjure.  Here are some pics of his holiday week fun.

This is RJ chasing me because I was trying to take pictures of all the mayhem he was causing.
(I'm starting off with this pic because it's probably the clearest one...blasted smartphone)

Pulling things off the shelve, because that makes him happy.
Playing with his V-Tech truck for a few seconds and then...
Moving on...Next!
Animal Blocks, he's probably thinking " many ways can I throw each one of these."
RJ: "Wow, lots...let's play the banging song to celebrate"
"Guess there's nothing left to destroy"
Here he is just after confiscating his sister's DSI.
...and somehow figuring out how to work it!

One night, I actually got him to sit down and work on a puzzle...go mama, go mama!
And got a couple pics...miracle.
He even played the Chips in a Can game with me for a while.
This is a Folgers coffee can that I wrapped in some colorful wrapping paper and cut a hole in the top.  I found these cute little colorful chips at a garage sale but you can use poker chips or any other coin-like pieces you can find to make this game.
We had lots of fun playing with this together
I got so excited when he got the first one in all by himself!

Well, after that week, I could definitely use a spa retreat, but I think he learned some things.  I can't really tell you what right now, but I can tell you what I learned...I need to re-arrange his learning areas (If I'm going to keep my sanity).

Happy Homeschooling Mama's:)

Claudea B.


Anonymous said...

Oh, these pics look so much like my house! What fun! Our little ones are so precious. We need to slow down and enjoy them more, don't we?
Found you through your discussion on The Homeschool Lounge about homeschool bloggers. So glad I did!

claudeabgood said...

Yes, they are precious at this age. You are so right, we have to take the time to enjoy every moment because they grow up SO fast. Thanks for the comment!

zoe hunter lee said...

Cute photos..thanks for sharing your story :))