Monday, March 21, 2011

Tot School~Week Ten

A lot has happened since we last participated formally in Tot School but we have been chugging along just the same.  We are pretty much settled in our new-to-us home and have started schooling again.  RJ has been spending a lot of time outside and going places with me and his dad, that I don't have pictures of.
However, in the classroom he has wanted to spend most of his time writing lately...and so he has.

This was the first day that he showed any real interest in crayons.  I sat them out, he climbed up in the chair and took to trying to write.

He's got some real scribbles on the paper...can you see them?

He's also been playing with his cars quite frequently and that's a new development as well.

This time he decided to use a new medium and give the colored pencils a try.  Here he's a bit distracted by a truck outside, so he stands up to get a better view.  Afterwards it's back to writing with his pencil.

See that paper in front of him, he didn't write that.  He's just about to autograph his sister's work though.  He took her mechanical pencil and added a little love note while she was a way from her station.
He's just been fascinated with writing!

Well that's about it for us this week.  Hopefully I'll have more pictures for next week.
Oh, I did want to say that we have also been attending our local library for the past few weeks for toddler time.  They read stories and we all sing songs related to a theme for the week.  It's been great and RJ loves having the opportunity to see other miniature people like himself.

Want to read other learning adventures of amazing toddler's? Head on over to 1+1+1=1 for this weeks Tot School...there's tons of ideas for you and your toddler.

Claudea B.


moreofhim said...

How exciting to see your little guy learning new things and exploring writing, crayons and all. I remember those days well...they pass so quickly. Have I said I miss my homeschooling? lol I'm glad you're settled in your home and enjoying the library. We always loved our time at the library, too. Wonderful resource that's free!! I like the free part. :)

God bless you - Julie

Ewa said...

Cute pictures ;-). Now that your son is into scribbling the fun begins ;-). In no time there will be no day without it ;-) LOve.

Mama Know Best said...

Thank you Ewa (love your name by the way). Yes, I'm looking forward to all the fun to come!