Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some Mama Time

There is always so much to do being a homeschooling mama, wife, friend, sister, daughter, soccer mom, housekeeper, head chef (as I like to think of myself), and child of God...no reason particular reason why that came last.  I'm so busy all the time that I often have difficulty balancing it all.  I find myself giving some things 80% while others get 20% and still others will get less or more of my time.  I always feel as though I'm stretched way to thin...which would be great if we were talking about my weight...but I'm not so that is definitely a bad thing.  The topic of mommy time usually comes up in some of the women's magazines that I read but unfortunately I haven't run into any of those articles lately.  Nevertheless, Mama's Time (as I call it) is EXTREMELY important!  It should never be taken for granted or underestimated.  This is our time to do things for ourselves and regenerate so that we are actually useful to our families.

Trust me...Mama knows best on this issue!  I have underestimated the power of this time in my life a time or two.  For example, the past several months I've only taken my Mama Time once a month.  MISTAKE!!  with a new toddler lurking in my home, oh honey I need a break every other day.  Realistically though, once a week is more like what I should be aiming for. 

This time doesn't have to be expensive, sometimes I have my time without even spending a dime or leaving my house for that matter, although I highly recommend leaving the house.  There's just something about getting away from the norm and seeing something different.  I like to leave and just go to Border's or Barnes and Nobles to look through the books, sit in a big comfy chair and bask in the delight of doing something WITHOUT my kids (as bad as that may sound...oh well).  I may go out shopping and only spend money on myself no matter how small or big the amount...because I'm worth every cent.  This is not "oh there's a sale on kids pajamas" time, or let me just stop off really quick to pick up hubby's dry cleaning.  This is a few hours that are completely and utterly dedicated to YOU.

Some other things to do:

~Get a pedicure/manicure
~Go to a movie
~Pretend to be a professional photographer, grab your camera and go capture that prize shot
~Go have an overpriced gourmet cup of java (somewhere you don't normally go)
~Go have you makeup done at Macy's or Sephora...somewhere
~Walk through your downtown and window shop
~Go buy yourself a beautiful bloom that you don't normally get (or a whole bouquet)
~Go to the farmer's market and see what delicious organic treat you can find
~Go see a play, symphony, or ballet with your girlfriend
~Go someplace fancy and order dessert first...naughty girl
~Go for a long drive and listen to grown-up music for a change

The point is to do something fun that you will enjoy, that's just for you.  Give yourself a chance to decompress and regenerate so that you can fully give to the folks in your life that mean the most to you.  That's exactly what I'll be focusing on probably more than once this week...it's been rough.


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