Friday, November 26, 2010

Treasures From The Heart

 Well after yesterday's Thanksgiving feast, I guess it's time to gear up for the grand finale of the year...Christmas! My family is not big on Christmas, but I do like to give little gifts from the heart. Today, I found the amazing photo card that you see above on Shutterfly. They literally have hundreds of beautiful, full color, and chic cards to choose from. You can take a look at the some of these amazing cards yourself here. For me, it's much more personal to give and recieve gifts that mean something to me and that I can cherish for years to come. What better treasure to recieve than a photo of my family members with beautiful text saying something memorable. I guess I'm just an ole softy like that.

By the way, all of my family members that are reading can just consider this post to be a shameless and blantant hint (hint, hint).

I LOVE the Shutterfly photo cards because they are quite frankly gorgeous! I particularly love the collage style ones because it is always just so darn difficult to pick one cute picture of the kids to put on a card. The card that I'm displaying above has the perfect marriage of elegant colors and simple font to really highlight the pictures that I choose to go on the card. So family, your getting a sneak peak at your little treasure from me to you...hehehe. I especially like this card (showcased above) because it DOES NOT say "Merry Christmas" or use the words "Christmas, Holiday, Happy, Merry," or any other combination of words that specify any particular holiday. It gets straight to the matters of the heart "Love, Peace, and Joy" all the things that I thats what I'm talkin about. I'm going to be sending this card out to all of my lovies and friends this year and who knows, maybe into 2011; Why??? Just cause I can! These photo cards are versitile like that.

I know what your want to get your own awesome photo cards to send. Well don't worry, I'm going to give you the hook up. Here's a quick link to Shutterfly's Holiday Cards and just in case you want to take easy street to the Thank You cards...I know, I know, I'm all about sharing the love!

As for my fellow bloggers out there, I'll let you in on a special little can get 50 Shutterfly photo cards for free. That's right FREE! All you have to do is CLICK to find out how. Don't you just love Shutterfly!

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