Monday, January 17, 2011

Have An Enlightening Dr. M. L. King Day

Today is a day that many people take off as a leisurely sort of day.  Some people go shopping, go to the movies, pursue a hobby, catch up on some work, or just lounge around there homes. Today, for my family, is a day for reflection and education.  It is important to remember where we came from and how tragic the road was to get to where we are now.  It is also a time to "dream."  Dream of what is possible for our future. 

We have come a long way

...but we still have many more strides to take. 

 I believe that the key to those steps being successful, lie within our children.  Educate them and train them up in the right way.  Teach them to love God and to love thy neighbor.
Only then can we say that we have done our parts as parents and make the "dream" a reality.

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Tezra said...

Thank you for your sharing. i really like your blog ~ the design is fantastic.