Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beginning The Day With Meditation

When the new year began, I decided to begin our mornings with about 10 minutes of meditation.  So far, It's been a great way to start the day.  My initial reasoning for morning meditation is for the kids to increase their sense of peace and focus.  I've read that meditation helps to clear the mind for improved concentration.  Definitely needed in our class!

I've been using the Spa Style Rejuvenate CD...you can pick this up on Amazon for like $1.89 brand new.  It has six tracks of beautiful, relaxing music on there that are perfect for our meditation activity.  This is what the cover boasts:

"Celebrate inner calm while all your senses are nourished with soothing keyboard blends of strings, piano and percussion.  Listen. Feel. Release.  Healing is about to begin for complete rejuvenation of your inner self."

When I read this, I thought...Perfect!!!

For the price, this CD has not disappointed and I will continue using this with the kids until I add more meditation sounds to our collection.

I started the kiddos off watching a yoga DVD to show them the right form for posture, breathing and stretching.  I think this really helped them by having a visual to refer to versus me just explaining (I do the meditation too and hope to get the little one in on it as well).  They pretty much have gotten the hang of it now, but that big one there is as stiff as a board.

All in all, the process is relaxing and is an excellent beginning for our homeschool day.  Of course, that's just the morning...the remainder of our day can and DOES get a bit more chaotic.

Especially when daddy's home!

How do you start your homeschool day? 
Share your morning routine or something special that you or your whole family does to get started...sharing is caring!

Claudea B.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this! i'll be homeschooling this year and am looking to incorporate prayer, meditation and stretching into our morning routine. i will look into the cd you mentioned too, it sounds like a good one.