Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lapbooking Our Way Back To School

Doesn't someone look happy to be back in class after a two week winter break???
She's not just smiling for the camera here, she's actually excited about her new lapbook topic.
Before we took our little vacation, she'd just finished her first lapbook on bugs.  I told her that when we started school back up that she could choose the topic of the next lapbook project.
She chose reptiles and lizards...she's an animal enthusiast!

She worked diligently to get all of her reading and facts about reptiles and lizards.  It's such an amazing thing to observe a child hard at work, happily working, because they enjoy what they are doing.

She was finally able to get to the fun part...decorating!

For those of you who may be new to lapbooking (we kinda are also), lapbooking is a great way to expand on a topic of interest.  Basically, lapbooking is a file folder (or several) containing several different mini books.  There is the main topic, such as reptiles and lizards, and then that topic is broken down into subtopics.  Subtopics such as monitors, iguanas, gila monsters, gecko, and chameleons.  Further subtopics can consist of diet, habitat, defenses, and classifications.  Just to name a few.

The file folder opens up and spreads out across your lap hence, the name lapbooking.  Once open, it reveals all of the little mini books that flip out, fold out, and pop out.  It's fun to unravel the different types of mini books to reveal what's inside.  Tons of fun!  There's some really helpful info over on Squidoo on lapbooking if you want to find out more.  They also have links to plenty of videos and tutorials on creating your own.

We've been doing something similar to lapbooking for the past couple years... notebooking.  I decided to give lapbooking a shot simply to breathe some new life into our normal routine.  So far it has been working out well.

  My Sunshyne is getting so much better at her artwork.  Art for her has been a long hard road.  She just didn't have that gift.  This is a girl that would color directly in the middle of Dora's face with five or six different colors and then give me her paper with a big smile and say "I'm done."  She was seven!
I would think to myself, it's one thing to have all of these rainbow colors in one very small area of a large space, but it's a whole other thing when you don't even attempt to color any other areas of the page.

Well, that's my Sunshyne:)

I was proud of her about this picture, I printed this off the Homeschool Share Website (by the way, they have great lapbooking lesson plans...FREE!).  My printer was running out of ink so I suggested that she color in the rest of the picture.  Low and behold, she colored in the WHOLE thing and without rainbow colors!!! 

I'm a very, very proud mother right now!

Anyway, you can find this FREE lapbook  here at Homeschool Share.
They have tons of fun stuff just head over to their What's New page to see all of the cool topics.

Sunshyne will be working on her lapbook until it's complete.  How do you do your lapbooking?  Does your kiddos enjoy lapbooking?  How long have you been using lapbooking?
I'd love to here from you about it:)

Claudea B.

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