Monday, January 10, 2011

Tot School: Week Eight

It has been a wonderful week of exciting new feats for my little RJ.  We focused on his numbers from 1-5 again this week and he seemed to be a bit more focused this time around.  Also, this week we focused on the color blue and animals.

I made this little sensory bin that incorporated our themes of the week.  It includes foam animals cutouts, wooden animal shapes, colorful giant sized jacks, and "boulder" blue and green marbles, all swimming in a pool of oatmeal.

RJ had a great time digging for the little treasures found in the oatmeal, while I sat along side him to name the objects and colors that I wanted to stand out to him.  The first time we did this, we had guests and he didn't get to play with it long.

But he did get to see what a jack tastes like.

He picked up the counting book that we'd been reading during the week and decided to do a little reading on his own...I was proud!

Just trying to get the hang of holding it right and flipping the pages all at the same time...challenging work.

Our color of the!  We took out the items from the blue box and put them back.

We named and discussed the texture of the items from the blue box, a soft fish, a sleek crayon, a squishy ball, and a smooth blueberry.

He actually took the time to put the items back in the box on his own this time.

And then tried to close the box!

We also worked on his number puzzle this week.

He experimented with trying to put numbers in different places, and not just eat them.
Again...I was proud:)

He did some practical life work which was pouring and stirring.  I have dry split peas in one of the containers and lentils in the other.  He can pour them out of the containers into the bowl and stir them.  I helped him with the pouring, as this is still very challenging for him.  He stirs like a pro and when the spoons just don't do it, he uses his hands.

He is also very good at dumping.

He had a blast with this work!

In addition to all of that, he did really well with the chips in a can activity but I didn't get any pics of that.  He has also been working on his numbers "123...Zoo" lapbook, which I finally laminated and will get some pictures of for a future post.

Well, that's it for tot school this week, next week we will be linking up with Montessori Monday as well.
Have a Happy Monday!!

Claudea B.



Jennifer said...

He's so cute! And I never thought to use oatmeal in my sensory bins!! Great idea!

Mama Know Best said...

Thanks, he's my little busy bee...and thanks for stopping by:)

The Iowa Farmer's Wife said...

Oatmeal is such a good idea! Although my girl would probably eat it! haha, she loves oatmeal. He is such a little cutie!