Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby Einstein: My First Signs

We are currently using the Baby Einstein, My First Signs, See and Sign with Baby DVD with RJ. The DVD features Academy Award Winner Marlee Matlin to guide us through the 27 minute, delightful, segment.  The DVD highlights twenty common words and phrases that babies use to interact with mom, dad, and just about any other caregivers.

The DVD features plenty of real-world images such as wooden toys and children interacting in their environments.  There are a few cartooned animations thrown in there and the puppet shows are completely adorable.  Lets not forget the beautiful classical music that the kiddos enjoy.

These videos are suggested for 6 months and older, and run about $16.59 (@ Barnes & Nobles). 
There are also some bonus material such as, puppet shows, Discovery Cards (opposites), and a toy chest. 

Marlee Matlin interacts with puppets to give this video a fun and light-hearted feel.  I think the video is super cute and I love watching all of the facial expressions that Marlee makes while interacting with both the puppets and her audience.  There's a feeling that she's really connecting with the kiddos and bringing them into the scenarios.

Most kiddos really enjoy watching other kids play, laugh, and do everyday things.  The video does an excellent job of showing off kids doing there sign language.  There are "real" pictures of the items such as milk, cereal, moms, dads, babies, balls, etc.  

I also love how the video continually goes back to a parent and their child (whether actor or not) doing the signs together.  I think it further establishes that signing is an activity that is meant to be done together, and that the video is not a spaze time for baby while mom or dad takes a 27 minute break.

My son truly enjoys the music, and the images that were selected for this video.  Even my older kids get in on the fun.  The signs are easy to learn and we use them throughout the day.  We ask RJ if he wants milk, cereal, or juice while he watches our hands.  We also use them when we're asking for a kiss, or if he wants the ball.  Every sign is a sign that is used in everyday life with baby (or toddler) and that makes it fun.

So if you're thinking about teaching your baby this valuable skill, then I would definitely put this video at the top of my list to pick up.

P.s.  I'll be giving one away to a lucky reader this week, as my very first giveaway!  I'll keep you posted on the details!

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Rachel said...

I have a three month old that i'm excited to start signing with. He's a bit too young yet... but soon!