Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tot School: Week Four

This is RJ's fourth week of Tot School and it's been a little rough with all the holiday hooplah.  We did get a few of the things that I'd planned for the week done though. 

So here was the "plan," we were going to be working with the color GREEN this week and focus on counting activities.  I'd picked out three books that were counting related and a Lapbook project especially for the tots.

Here are the three books I'd choosen for the week, we did get to read these but I didn't get any pictures of him during those times.

Here are the activities that I'd set out for him to work on, the Green Box, a numbers knobbed puzzle, and the building blocks that I thought would do double (or triple) duty, working to discuss colors, counting them, and of course, building with them. 

Lastly, here's the tot lapbook that I'd printed off from Homeschool Share's Level 1 section.  They have some really nice lapbook print-offs and lesson plans, so be sure to check them out.  The one I chose is related to the Eric Carl's book 123 To The Zoo.

This is what the lapbook looks like inside so far:

We only got to 5, but it goes up to ten with all sorts of different little animals to count.  It's sooo cute, RJ likes to see what's inside each little train car pocket, and then watch them hid away again.

He did actually sit down to color a bit, but trying to get a shot of him doing so was a SERIOUS challenge...I settled for this shot.
(Sometimes being a mom is all about picking your battles:)

Well, it's time for what "REALLY" happened.

He pulled stuff off shelves...he climbed up into a chair, grabbed a clothe, and started dusting.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this so I just kept taking picture...

After picture!

Finally, someone in this house gets it...
(He's lightyears beyond his dad in this area already...now that's my definition of GENIUS)

After all my planning, he basically did what he usually does...whateva he wanted.
So I'm going to close with this thought...CHILD-LED!


C's mamma said...

Love the number theme! I use to be a toddler teacher so it brings back memories of my class<3 Now I'm a stay at home mom w.a tot of my own =D

Callie said...

You are a lucky moma. You've sure got yourself a cutie.

Noor said...

Oh my goodness how cute he is and already helping mommy <3