Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to Make Your Homeschooler Happy: Books!

Have you ever wonder how to make your home-schooler happy?  Well, I have the formula and I'm willing to share the information. In just two easy steps, you can have a happy homeschooler to call your own.
Step 1. Order a few Usborne Books.

Step 2. When they arrive, give the box to your home-schooler and allow them to open the package.

When they realize that the books are for them...
 (This might take a few moments)

This will be the end result!

A Happy Homeschooler!!!


Yoga Mommy said...

I am so inspired that you are homeschooling your children. I don't think I could have the energy, but maybe with a little luck and God, I could do it for a few years. I think children thrive in both a one-on-one situation as well as classroom environments on a balanced basis. A little of both.

Thanks for sharing, by the way the photo of your little on dusting with the binky in his mouth is adorable!!!

reannenny at

Pat said...

wonderful pictures! And so very true!
pkildow at gmail dot com