Thursday, December 2, 2010

Girls Day Out: Build-A-Bear/Mall Extravaganza

Every girl needs a night out, in my little girl's case, a day (or late afternoon).  Taking a break from the everyday grind of homeschooling every once in a while helps to refresh the mind, not to mention... I get bored doing the same ole stuff all the time.  So it was time to call up a few of her close girlfriends and head out to the MALL!

Destination: Build-A-Bear (but first a few stops:)

As a female, I think it is imperative to stop and try-out the latest in lip color in Macy's beauty department.  The girls we did. 

Fabulous Darling!!!
 (with the French accent)

Next up...Super Model photo shoot.
Where is hair and wardrobe when you need them???
Oh Well, we made due.
Fabulous girls, FABULOUS!

And yet another poetic shot.  But what the heck is going on with the model in the back... I don't think she is feeling my vision on this one (wait... that one is my daughter!!!) 

All that posing made us thirsty, so of course we HAD to make a stop at the food court for some timely refreshments (and my picture).

After a couple more stops to Juice Couture, Coach, and the Disney Store (of course), we finally made it to Build-A-Bear.

Now, I know your mouth is going to be gapping open in disbelief when I tell you this but, I'd never taken my daughter to B-A-B before... (gasp).  Yes, I know she is 9 years old.  Yes, I know B-A-B is a modern childhood must-have experience.
(That's why I'm doing it now...hehehe)

The girls stuffed and fluffed their little hearts out, and then put a little heart into their new little lovies. Next, they primped and dressed them in some super cute gear and's what they came up with. 

Fabulous!!! Just like them:)

After dressing there lovies up in some sporting new jackets and hats to keep them warm, we were ready to bring our Girls Day Out to a close and head home for some "real food" (and sleep for me).
The girls had a blast and I did too.  The girls planned a swanky tea party for their next Girls Day Out (just in case you were wondering).


Claudea B.

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lulu said...

Awww that is just way too cute. I love the smiles on their faces as they pose with their lil teddies. My Dear Husband got me a bear from there when we first started dating and boy do i love that lil guy haha. Guess when it comes to girls you are never too old for cuddly toys