Thursday, December 30, 2010

Book Review: God Gave Us So Much (Limited -Edition)

This wonderful 3 book limited edition is the highlight of the day!  God Gave Us So Much by Lisa Tawn Bergren has won my family over and I can't wait to give you the details about it.  The illustrations were beautifully done by Laura J. Bryant, and they really bring you into the story.  Before I get a head of myself, let me give you the stats on this heartwarming book.

The book comes as a hardcover, which is a wonderful advantage when it comes to reading to the toddler ages.  The first story in the book, God Gave Us the World, is about 16 pages long and is the perfect length to keep the little ones attention.  The second story is God Gave Us Love, which is about 17 pages long, and the final story is God Gave Us Heaven, also about 17 pages.  The book includes a nifty blue ribbon to help you identify where you left off (This is handy for our impatient little tots and preschoolers).  The pages are sturdy and the rich colors make the story come alive.

Look at all of that gorgeous detail!
What I absolutely loved about all of the stories is that the little Polar Bear cub asks all of the questions that any preschooler would ask, I know mine did.  Questions like "Do all bears have pink tongues?" and "What's Heaven?"  As soon as Mama, Papa, or Grampa bear answers one question, it just raises more for Little Cub.  Doesn't that sound like the typical preschooler???
Mama, Papa, and Grampa Polar Bears continue to answer all of the little cubs questions about life in a loving and understanding way.  I think that the series helps parents to answer some of the questions for their little ones, even if they haven't been asked yet.  I can certainly feel the warmth and love that is relayed from the Polar Bear family through these stories.
God Gave Us The World, takes Little Cub on a journey to learn about different types of bears.  These bears eat different types of food, and live in far away places.  With Mama bear's guidance, the little cub learns that God created many different kinds of things. Mama lovingly helps Little Cub understand why God created so many wonderful things, including little Polar Bear cubs.
The second story, God Gave Us Love, begins with Little Cub being upset with a trio of fun-loving otters. They were scaring away the fish during Grampa and Little Cubs fishing trip.  Grampa empathizes with how Little Cub feels and helps her to understand Gods plan for us to love, because he loves.  Little Cub also learns that there are different kinds of love, such as the love between a mama and a papa, and between friends.

In the final story of this limited-edition entitled, God Gave Us Heaven, Papa answers the BIG question for Little Cub, "What's Heav'n?"  Papa explains that heaven is God's home.  Through a series of questions and interactions between Papa and Little Cub, she learns that there is a path that leads to heaven.  God provided us with his "very own son, Jesus" to be our "bridge" to get there.  I LOVE the way the book explains this to the little ones.

At the end of each story, Little Cub has learned an important lesson taught to her by her loving caregivers.  She is able to go to sleep and dream peaceful dreams because she is loved.
The perfect children's stories!
We loved the stories, my 9 year old even took the book with her to bed to read on her own.  I think the book is warm, delightful, and beautifully written...a must have, especially for parents of inquisitive kiddos:)

I received this book for review from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange for my honest opinion.  I attest that the opinions stated in this post are my own.

Claudea B.

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